WP1: Analysis of the current curricula, experience and skills needed in Traffic safety at Partner Universities/Countries.

1.1 Kick off workshop at P6 (MUST) – MY (Month 1). Online. See Agenda

1.2 Curricula analysis in EU‐ASIA partners.

1.3 Market study Traffic safety statue, practices and professional job demand. See the Market Study (PDF)

1.4 Review and comparison of curricula.

1.5 Consortium meeting at P4 UGM– IN (M6). Online. See Agenda

1.6 Summary report on the outline of the MS.c curricula.

WP2: Syllabi, ICT, teaching methods and material developed, finalised, equipment in

place, and accreditation process in place.

2.1 Draft versions of course syllabi.

2.2 Selection of teaching materials.

2.3 ICT for teaching/learning.

2.4 Consortium meeting at P8 – VN (M12). Online. See Agenda

2.5 Finalising courses contents, teaching and training materials include accreditation application submisison.

2.6 Equipment and books in place.

2.7 Consortium meeting and training at LiU – SE (M18).

WP 3: Capacity building‐ Training/retraining of Trainers/trainees (teachers, staff, students

and professionals).

3.1 Selection of teachers, students and professionals for the training and study visits.

3.2 Training and retraining at P3-PT.

3.3 Monthly Webinar.

3.4 Consortium meeting and training at P2 (M24).

WP 4: Master program, diploma and specialised courses are ready to be officially


4.1 Student admission and enrolment.

4.2 Implementation of MSc programme/courses.

4.3 Implementation of specialised courses and training offered for professionals.

4.4 Summer schools in IDMY‐VN 2023.

4.5. Study projects and master thesis work.

4.6 Consortium meeting at P7 – MY (M30).

WP 5: EU‐ASIA Network in Traffic Safety, Database and Handbook of Best Practices in Traffic Safety.

5.1 Establishment of traffic safety network EU‐ASIA.

5.2 Handbook of “Best practices in Traffic Safety in EU‐ASIA.

5.3 Establishment of traffic safety accident database in EU‐ASIA.

5.4. Project Book – challenges and recommendations to Policy‐Makers.

WP 6: Evaluation and monitoring in place.

6.1 Internal Quality Control & Monitoring.

6.2 External Quality Control & Monitoring.

WP 7: Dissemination of project activities and results within consortium and outside.

7.1 Internal dissemination.

7.2 External dissemination.

7.3 Info‐day events.

7.4 Final concluding conference, P5 – ID (M35).

WP 8: Ensuring the sustainability of the project outcomes.

8.1 Defining and promoting the long‐term outcomes.

8.2 Cooperation agreements between partners.

8.3 Sustainability meeting at P7 – MY (M30).

WP 9: Operational and management.

9.1 Local management and coordnation meetings.

9.2 Consulting EU and Erasmus+ national offices.